Gramophone Reviews Tod Machover’s latest CD

The venerable Gramophone, which bills itself “The world’s unrivalled authority on classical music since 1923,” just came out with an excellent review of Tod Machover’s most recent CD, “…but not simpler…”

The review notes that Machover’s technological innovations, such as Hyperinstruments and Hyperorchestra, “have crucial and winning impacts on the expressive possibilities of Machover’s music, as can be heard on this absorbing disc.” About the title work, written for string quartet, the review says “Lovely themes emerge from seeming disorder and the narrative is a tantalising blend of tranquility and turmoil.” “Sparkler” and “Jeux Deux” the two large orchestral pieces that bookend the CD, are “blockbusters”.

Enjoy this excerpt from the ending of “Jeux Deux”!

Read the full article here.

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