Opera of the Future at Sleep No More NYC

Photo by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

At last the story can be told! For the past several months, the Opera of the Future team has been cranking away on a top-secret project to create an enhanced version of Sleep No More, the runaway hit theater experience currently playing in New York City. Last week, they beta tested the system with live audience members. Each was paired with an online participant. The twist: Neither knew about the other. We’re not giving away too much by revealing that bit of information, because there remains so much for participants to discover once they are inside the world of Sleep No More. The New York Times Arts blogger Dave Itzkoff reported on his experience in yesterday’s New York Times: A Guinea Pig’s Night at the Theater.

If you haven’t seen Sleep No More, we highly recommend it. Some links:

Sleep No More NYC

New York Times – Slide show

New York Times Interactive – Something Wicked

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