Notes from Ithaca

The gorge above Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, NY

A couple of weeks ago, Tod gave a keynote at the “Music: Cognition, Technology Society” conference at Cornell University. Tyran Grillo just posted this thorough summary at Sequenza 21, a blog devoted to contemporary classical music. He write: “Music: Cognition, Technology, Society set a formidable intellectual task before participants of the selfsame conference at semester’s end on the quieting campus of Cornell University. Under the attentive care of organizers Caroline Waight, Evan Cortens, Taylan Cihan, and Eric Nathan, what might have been an overwhelming conceptual storm proved smooth sailing through a series of back-to-back panels.” Check out the full report for an excellent account of the presentations, keynotes and concerts. And here are his impressionistic reflections on the concert performed by the Argento Ensemble. Tod’s “Another Life,” he says, is “A pixilated pastoral for the 21st century.”

Here’s a fragment from the beginning of “Another Life” performed in 2006 by Collage New Music.

Tod Machover (far left) with the Argento Ensemble. Photo by Evan Cortens.

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