Musical Experiences for the 21st Century

A Toronto Symphony

Composer Tod Machover’s project with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, “A Toronto Symphony: Concerto for Composer and City”, was officially launched today at the ideacity conference 2012. In the trailer video above, Tod explains that the composition will consist of “Me, You and (H)ours” – music based on what he sends out to the public, music inspired by what the public sends to him, and music that he and the public will create together.

The official project blog invites the citizens of Toronto to contribute ideas, sounds, music and discussion. In the first of a series of “tasks”, Tod invites people to send unique and special sounds that are quintessentially Torontonian. People can contribute their sounds of Toronto by text, image, or audio uploads to YouTube and Soundcloud, and share them over the official project blog or Facebook page. If you were to pick a sound that was unique to your city, what would it be?

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