Kennedy Center Arts Summit today

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

Arrived in DC yesterday afternoon by train from Philly, into Union Station – grungy and dilapidated in the back, splendid in the front…a metaphor for something, perhaps??? Went to the speaker’s dinner for today’s Kennedy Center “Arts Summit”, hosted by Yo-Yo Ma. Was wonderful to see many old friends from around the world, and to meet some terrific new people, including arts leaders, “citizen artists” working in a huge array of media and styles, art patrons and collectors, etc. An intensely engaged group determined to help the arts not just thrive but also to become one of the great galvanizing, enriching and democratizing (in the best sense) forces in our society. There couldn’t be a more important moment – or more central place – to discuss and strategize. Info on today’s Arts Summit at


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