Three new Machover pieces this October

The MIT Museum re-opens this fall at a gorgeous new location near Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, and the celebration will include world premiere performances of three Tod Machover compositions. The pieces will be featured in the “Brain, Body + Breath” concerts on October 14 and 15, and include a live-performance reimagining of music from Machover’s landmark Brain Opera.

The three compositions will be accompanied by spectacular graphics by Peter Torpey and performed by a handpicked ensemble of young New York-based soloists, led by violinist Marina Kifferstein, along with soprano Karol Bennett and flautist Jess Shand (who is also a new grad student of Machover’s at the MIT Media Lab). Tod Machover will conduct.

Tickets are now on sale.


One Reply to “Three new Machover pieces this October”

  1. Hi there. I am an MIT alumnus currently in Argentina. I am also a big fan of Tod’s work! It would be great if you could stream the concerts or record and offer them on demand for an international audience. Best wishes for the events!

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