Interview with Tod Machover 1: The Idea Behind Death and the Powers

Tod and I got together during an extremely rare moment of down time to shoot this interview a few days ago, right inside the beautiful Opéra de Monte-Carlo, or Monte Carlo Opera House. We had so much to talk about that I decided to cut up his interview into a few installments, starting with how Death and the Powers came to be – and like everything about this opera, the way it began was certainly atypical. I had been really looking forward to filming this interview, since the very first idea that blossomed into this opera started with Tod over ten years ago! Talking with Tod, who has been called “America’s Most Wired Composer”, was both enlightening and entertaining – hopefully this short video will give you some insight into what goes into creating a huge production like this one. Keep checking back for the next installment within the next couple of days!

3 Replies to “Interview with Tod Machover 1: The Idea Behind Death and the Powers”

  1. When I first heard about the robotic opera, I thought that it was a childish thing. However, after listening to Tod’s explanation, I understand that this is going to going to show what OPERATIC means, with a tremendous amplification of the characters on the stage (‘singers are like ants’) with the backdrop of the gigantic background of the Mediterranian Sea. I am excited and I can’t wait to see the first production in Monaco. Bravo Tod!

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